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It’s an eye that began developing early on. As a girl whose father owned an architecture firm specializing in country-club clubhouses, Annie would accompany him on site visits across America. Each clubhouse was built in the spirit of the surrounding geography and culture, and so from a young age, Annie absorbed an array of design vocabularies. At her childhood home in Minnesota, Ralph Lauren was the presiding design influence. While Annie still admires that timeless aesthetic today, her own signature style is more reflective of her chosen home of California. Calming whites and neutrals prevail. While not a strict minimalist, she carefully curates every object, choosing only those imbued with meaning. As she describes her style, “It’s California coastal-casual, but I still love a really good antique chest.”

Annie’s creative spirit has taken her in a number of directions. After earning her BFA in acting from Carnegie Mellon University, she featured in productions in both New York City and Los Angeles—from starring roles in numerous films to recurring spots on the TV shows The Blacklist, Animal Kingdom, and Southland. Eventually, she had a yen to return to her design roots. Tapping into her lifelong love of horseback riding, she founded the equestrian-inspired clothing line Two Bits Equestrian. Regularly featured in Horse & Style Magazine, she was dubbed “equestrian tastemaker.” In addition to running her apparel company, Annie began to take on interior design business at the behest of clients who admired her taste and design acumen. She eventually joined SweisKloss, a luxury design agency based in Santa Monica. As the number of clients requesting her design services increased, she decided to found her own agency in 2022. 

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