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“With Annie, I actually enjoyed the design process, rather than feel intimidated or stressed. I instantly felt at ease with her.”

“Stylistically, I never really knew what I liked until Annie came shopping with me. Now my home feels so … me.”

“I know what I like, but Annie helped me understand WHY I like it. She’s empowered me to deliver on my own aesthetic.”

“I see the joy Annie gets from design and how naturally it comes to her, and it’s infectious.”


These are common refrains from Annie’s clients. They value the sense of comfort and trust she brings to the design process, and of course, her eye. The through line in it all: a passion for making things beautiful. 


Annie delights in translating clients’ visions to actionable building plans, liaising between homeowner and architect.  She relishes designing complete homes (current projects include a Spanish-style house in Santa Monica and a chateau in Arrowhead). But her excitement for the details of design is just as palpable in other design projects: helping a client who fell in love with a rare Kelly Wearstler chair track down a similar one and reupholster it, or consulting with a businessowner on his brand logo, or even using her artistry to create the perfect painting for a client’s home so the colors can be just right. From projects large to small, and encompassing a range of budgets, Annie helps her clients realize their vision.


“Ultimately, it’s about encouraging others to live a life of beauty and cultivate their own style,” Annie says. 

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